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Refresh the look and feel of your home
At Maurer Construction, we know that your home is a large investment and that one should not feel that they should settle for living with someone else’s dream. It is important to feel at home, not in someone else’s home. It’s often as simple as new carpet and paint but it is less money to complete a whole home remodel than buy a new home. We want your family to feel comfortable and have a place to build memories. Maurer Construction has the knowledge and passion to make your home remodeling goals a reality. Contact us in San Diego today to learn more about creating the home of your family’s dreams!

What Is a Home Remodel?
When you think of home remodeling there are countless opportunities for change. A total home remodels often consists of new:

1) Moving walls
2) Drywall texturing
3) Painting
4) Flooring
5) Recess lighting
6) Cabinetry
7) Doors
8) Windows
9) Countertops
10) Backsplash

Things To Consider
Many people are surprised to learn that home remodeling projects often require drawings and special city permits. These permits must be obtained if your remodeling project involves moving:

1) Structural walls
2) Plumbing
3) Electrical wiring

If possible, find your home’s original structure drawings–they will be able to save you money on your remodeling project. Keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to ensure that the contractor you hire has a valid:

1) City license
2) State contractor’s license
3) Proper insurance

With over 50 combined years of home and commercial remodeling experience, Maurer Construction has the expertise necessary to ensure that your home remodeling project is handled both efficiently and professionally. Before starting any home remodeling project, contact Maurer Construction in San Diego to learn more about finding a contractor you can trust.

Controlling the Cost of Your Home Remodeling project
Budgets are an important factor in any home remodeling project—which is why Maurer Construction ensures that you receive the highest value possible for whatever amount you plan to spend. If you would like to minimize the costs of your home remodel, consider the following factors:

1) Keeping the same configuration will reduce your overall cost.
2) Be sure that any bids you receive are fully detailed and outline all the work you plan to do. This will help you avoid any “extra” costs as the project progresses.

A home remodel project represents a financial investment as well as an upgrade to a family’s living environment—which is why we encourage our clients to consider “value” as well as “cost.” Rather than simply choosing the contractor who presents the cheapest bid, we strongly advise working with a builder you can trust.

How Maurer Construction Exceeds Your Expectations
Whatever dreams you have for your home, we can turn them into reality—because, at Maurer Construction, we go above and beyond the service provided by other contractors. Our family business allows us to provide a remarkably better product than competitors who maintain considerably higher overhead costs.

When you invite Maurer Construction into your home, you can trust that dedicated, knowledgeable professionals will be working on your home remodel from start to finish. In fact, Maurer Construction has never received a negative customer review from a room addition or home remodeling project of any kind—and we work tirelessly to ensure that we never will.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Home Remodeling Project
To discuss your home remodeling goals, contact Maurer Construction in San Diego today! We are confident that, together, we will be able to build the home of your dreams.