Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our list of frequently asked questions below. For further information or answers to any of your questions that do not appear below, please contact us using our online form or by phone at 619-275-4875.

Q: Should I speak to an interior designer before contacting a contractor?
A: You may, however we have several designers that we strongly recommend.

Q: Should I speak with an architect to have drawings created before contacting a contractor?
A: You may, however we have several architects and draftsmen that we strongly recommend.

Q: Should I contact a contractor first?
A: Yes, a good contractor should have a group of professionals that he knows and trusts.

Q: How do I find all the fixtures and appliances for the project?
A: Designers can help you in this department or we have suppliers that we can send you to.

Q: How will a large-scale remodel project affect the resale value of my home?
A: In the majority of cases, a remodel project will increase the value of your home above the amount you spend on the project. A high quality remodel project generally represents a large return on your investment.

Q: How do I find a contractor I can trust?
A: Trust your instincts on this one; this is the most important decisions you will have to make in your construction project. The first thing you should do is check the status of a contractor’s license and insurance. References from past clients are essential.

How to find a good contractor:

Each time I meet with a new client for a consultation, I like to explain the important factors involved in choosing the right contractor for your project. Choosing a qualified, licensed, experienced contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make during your construction or remodeling project. We have decided to post this advice on our website to help you understand how important it is to protect yourself, your home and your assets from hiring the wrong company for your job.

Before choosing a contractor, make sure they are licensed by the Contractors State License Board, and make sure their license is in good standing. This information is available through the Contractor State License Board’s website at www.cslb.ca.gov. Insert the license number (Maurer Construction, Inc.: #796879) and hit “Enter.” Be sure to navigate through the entire website for additional helpful information.

Your contractor should also be insured with both Liability Insurance and a surety bond. Your contractor is legally obligated to provide you with this information in your service contract.

It’s also a good idea to check if a contractor is associated with the Better Business Bureau. You can check their affiliation and standing with the Better Business Bureau by visiting the BBB website at www.sandiego.bbb.org.

Be careful of contractors or contracting firms that give you a quote for a project before having reviewed drawings and a detailed description of all products, parts and materials to be used in the project. It is very difficult to be able to effectively estimate the cost of a project without having reviewed these details in depth with the customer. Please be wary of contractors that give you a low price up-front; many times this price will substantially increase during the course of the project if all the details were not clearly defined in writing when the contract was signed.

I hope that this information will be of value to you in your search for a contracting firm you can trust. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding your personal building projects.

We look forward to working with you.